There are many places around Cabo San Lucas that really are worth exploring because they give us a good idea of the cultural wealth that exists on the Baja California Sur peninsula.

Todos Santos

One of those wonderful places to which we refer is a magical town full of color which is halfway between Cabo San Lucas and La Paz, called Todos Santos.

It was just a matter of time, this unique town, with unique qualities, based on its natural resources and its unique architecture and history make it a certain candidate among the so-called “magical towns” program, which recognizes towns that proudly maintain and show off their Mexican heritage.

Todos Santos is 50 miles south of La Paz and 45 miles North of Cabo San Lucas, it was founded in 1733 as Santa Rosa de las Palmas and is now a haven for many artists, hippies and agricultural activities.

This town is especially beautiful for its picturesque colonial buildings, the different and interesting cultures that converge here thanks to residents who have come from many places around Mexico and the world.

Todos Santos Pacific Ocean

Todos Santos is a place where you can quickly fall in love and enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful sunsets that can be experienced while enjoying the nice cool temperature while you breathe the deliciously fresh local air.

A major strength of Todos Santos is that it has some of the most beautiful beaches for surfing, with worldwide recognition. We can mention San Pedrito, Los Cerritos, Punta Lobos, La Poza, Batequitos and Los Esteros. These are located 2 miles from the town.

With an ideal climate all year round, these beaches enjoy strong waves that draw amateur and professional surfers all year round and from all over the world. Here they spend their nights too, enjoying the waves from dawn to dusk.

Surfers in Todos Santos

The charms of Todos Santos start to take effect right from the winding road with beautiful landscapes framed by abundant mango trees, mountains and sea.  When you enter this town you will find the beautiful colonial buildings that in the past were to store sugar, which also harbors a little bit of history on how this region was initially based on the sweets and baking industry.

Besides the beautiful nineteenth-century colonial building, upon arrival in Todos Santos, you will find nightclubs, restaurants, shops and of course the warmth of its people. You’ll also find the Culture House Museum, various art galleries, craft shops and the local church.

Todos Santos Colonial Style

The mountains, the sea and the desert of Todos Santos make this a unique location and very attractive for visitors that discover it.

Also worth mentioning, for those who enjoy good food, in this magical village are a variety of restaurants and quaint cafes, some of them have built-in adobe structures and decorated with colorful flowers, which is why enjoying food is all the more enjoyable in an environment that is so relaxed, cool and colorful.

There is a gastronomic diversity to please all tastes. It is possible to find anything from the typical and delicious Mexican food to something a little more sophisticated as well as some vegetarian specialties.

Stores in Todos Santos

There is an attraction that turns out to be somewhat mythical. Were talking about “Hotel California”, it’s not clear whether the famous group “The Eagles” really have visited this place and if it was actually the inspiration for the famous song the ’70s. But undoubtedly, myth or reality this hotel has been a source for thousands of visitors from around the world want to be in this hotel and be part of the legend.