When visiting Cabo San Lucas it will now be easier for you to enjoy a wonderful experience sharing with dolphins, a beautiful creature and certainly one of the smarter ones in the ocean, makes you remember the dolphins in “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, where dolphins are said to be the second smartest living beings on Earth and humans the third (mice are the smartest, for those that haven’t read the Sci-Fi book :-)).

Dolphins are noble creatures, those that have had the opportunity to swim with them, can attest to their measured strength, beautiful design and indominable strength, they are perfectly designed by evolution for swimming and they are certainly very capable marine creatures. Even so, these mammals possess great intelligence and a charisma and personality that certainly pleases everybody who meets them.

For this reason, in addition to being used in various water parks as attractions they are commonly used today for “swimming with dolphins”, as these curative sessions can offer and alternative to people with various health issues.

Therapy with dolphins has shown truly amazing results in people with autism, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and others. The pioneers of this therapy known as “Dolphin Therapy” are Horace Dobbs in Scotland and Dr. David Nathanson Florida.

Today a new therapy is gaining ground in the treatment of the mentioned diseases . The combination of Biosonic and cranial sacral therapy makes use of acoustic emissions from the dolphins to rebalance and unblock many other health issues where conventional treatments are definitely not giving results.

Swimming with dolphins in Los Cabos

Swimming with dolphins in Los Cabos

Dolphins and their acoustic interaction with the aquatic environment have enabled a breakthrough in the therapy mentioned above, and although at this point is still at an experimental stage it has shown great advances that give hope to many people who have put their bets in these beautiful beings and science to achieve improvements in their loved ones.

There is a dolphin center that uses tuning forks to help measure vibratory sensations perceived by the human nervous system. The skin includes a number of receptors and nerve endings and it receives and perceives the waves emitted by the dolphins and channels it to the ear and brain, where it created a selective stimulation, as sounds emitted by dolphins are both human-audible sounds and infrasound. Of course all this without downplaying the very particular aquatic weightlessness that’s involved in the process.

These types of treatments are offered to people with different disorders and offer therapies that range from depression, autism, spasms and stress. The therapies are carried out within small groups of under 4 people.

People involved state that these therapies are used to stimulate some specific brain areas that are asleep and that they help rebalance the brain’s hemispheres. This, they state, has been verified by means of electro-brain scans and other measurements. We’d like to see the studies though, let’s see when they produce them, there’s so much pseudo-science out there… it’s even “in” to come with all kinds of false “scientific” proof for all kinds of modern-day rattlesnake oil potions.

Although this practice in Mexico may not be very common, it’s true that just taking a swim with these powerful, beautiful and “smiley” animals can generate a healthy and positive improvement for visitors that undergo this experience.