Place of legends and adventure

Lover’s Beach is the jewel of Los Cabos and Cabo San Lucas.

Bathed in waters from the Pacific and the golf of California, it’s clear waters and diversity in animal life allows us to enjoy an underwater adventure: a natural aquarium with innumerable species of tropical fish of different shades and sizes; sea lions and inoffensive mantas that swim in front of our eyes at the rhythm of nature.

Lover's Beach

It is said that the name is due to the fact that two seas are united: the Gulf of California and the Pacific Ocean.

Others attribute it to the history of two lovers from the 18th Century: a Japanese sailor that was rescued by an inhabitant of the region. The two fell in love and spent many moments together on the beach. The girl’s father opposed the relationship and in an attack of anger wounded the Japanese sailor to the point of death. The girl in her desperation of the moment decides to take her life and be united in the next world with her lover. The witness, of course, is this beach that would be marked as “Lover’s Beach”.

Whether or not this story is true, this beach approximately 164 ft. in length sneaks up to the surface to bathe itself with sun and lend its white sand to visitors that want to get to know one of the only beaches in the world that unites two seas.

Sheltered by a gigantic stone known as “The Arch”, an emblematic symbol of “finisterrae” or the Californian “Land’s End” and by other rock formations, Lover’s Beach can only be accessed by sea. The trip can be enjoyed in a kayak, in a water taxi, or as well in larger boats that take groups of people on established schedules, facilitating the return of the visitors.

Lover's Beach in Cabo San Lucas

It is a place without shops, stores and other purchase options, so if you plan to spend some time there, we recommended that you take water, fruit, and snacks of your choice. Do also remember to take sunblock cream and diving equipment (visor, snorkel, and fins) if you plan to enjoy the underwater wonders.

“Divorce Beach” on the Pacific side, as it is humorously known by the locals, has served as a strategic base for the practice of “skimboarding”. Enthusiasts of this sport travel long distances to take advantage of these waves. It is normal to see among the imposing waves of the Pacific jumps in jet skis performed by daring adrenaline lovers that risk their lives without fear.

Beaches in Los Cabos

Lover’s Beach guards other secrets. Not far from there, hidden, one of the most impressive natural phenomena of the peninsula is found: the underwater sand falls. Discovered at the beginning of the 1970s by the French explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, offering a unique spectacle to the divers that descend into this underwater canyon to observe true rivers of sand that reach a depth from 98 ft. down to 394 ft. and descend a slope of approximately 75 degrees.

This sub-aquatic cliff of 1,312 ft. where impressive amounts of the sand slide toward the marine floor have been the subject of much scientific scrutiny.

Playa Del Amor

The tour of this area, whether it is to visit Lover’s Beach or to go underwater and be witness to the sand falls, it is an obligatory activity in Cabo San Lucas that visitors enjoy fully, in direct contact with nature.

Author: Land’s End Magazine