By Alexander Grosman

Cabo San Lucas GolfCabo San Lucas is known for its golf options

Why did I choose Cabo San Lucas as my home? … I shall try to rationally explain the fascination that I felt about its spectacular view. The first image it projects is that of a small town that does not want to become a city and – quite understandably – it is here where it’s captivating charm lies. My senses are captured, especially by downtown, which is the beating heart of the area.

Cabo San Lucas, Médano Beach & Marina

Due to the City Council’s general policy or perhaps because of its very physiognomy, Los Cabos is protected from savage tourism, limited only to “beach and sun”, which has no particular interest in the country or its culture; tourism confined to itself without creating a living bridge between locals and visitors.

Yet Los Cabos’ main quality lies in the fact that it captivates people, converting ephemeral visitors into permanent residents. My case is a good example!

Downtown is small but authentically magical and vibrant. Obviously, it does not resemble any other tourist destination such as Cancun, Acapulco or Vallarta. Los Cabos boasts several very luxurious hotels with golf courses and all the other facilities for the comfort and enjoyment of its visitors.

Puerto Paraíso

For example, there is a small and powerful complex called “Puerto Paraiso“, built by the company of Sergio P. Adler, a brilliant architect, where everything is composed of columns and floors made from gorgeous granite imported from all over the world. It contains excessively luxurious shops, bars, and services.

There are also no limits in regards to eating places, with the unique exclusive Israeli Restaurant, Casa Shalom, featuring Mediterranean cuisine, enlivened by oriental music and dances, a place that has become a platform for multi-colored encounters.

Likewise Nikki Beach with its floating pool bar, where guests with their favorite beverage rest on floating airbeds gently rocking in the water, finding a long sought after rejoice and relaxation.

Cabo San Lucas MarinaCabo San Lucas Marina

Apart from the glamour, you can also find an extraordinary quality of life within a modest profile. Appearances can be deceiving…take for example Blue Fish Sushi managed with superior mastery by my friend Guillermo Reyes, who has lived in Japan, where he learned secrets normally reserved only for Japanese or Japanese speakers. His dishes are fusion and unique.

Thanks to his excellent relations with his fisherman friends and his professional conscience, he always serves fresh food, while some of the large beach hotels only serve imported colored and frozen fish … What a paradox! Residents know this and stand in line for a table at Blue Fish Sushi, which also specializes in catering.

Sheraton Los Cabos

So in general, the feeling prevails that the place selects those who wish to adopt it in a real and honest manner. For me, Cabo San Lucas evokes images of Portofino, a truly delightful Italian port town.

The Arts center that interests me not only personally, but above all professionally, is located at the Market of San Jose del Cabo. It is a market that has emerged with its focus more on local residents than on tourists in search of a touch of “art” which I think is one of the details constituting Los Cabos’ most valuable assets. Another concentration of great cultural activity can be found at Todos Los Santos.

San Jose del Cabo

Let me point out that there are other interesting places all along the road between Cabo San Lucas and Todos Santos. This is La Baja par excellence, a virgin land, with some timid constructions, a land for speculation for long-term investors, but at present a haven for alternative and improvised tourism where artists are announcing “Art & Beer” with primitive signs.

Los Arcos Cabo San LucasLos Arcos, Cabo San Lucas

It is here where surfers and hippies, as well as enthusiasts of nature, open spaces, desert, and motorcycles,  have their encounters and celebrations.

  • Pabellón Cultural de la República, Cabo San Lucas