Cabo San Lucas offers rich opportunities for shoppers. Almost everything made in all of Mexico is available here: silver, blown glass, pottery, sarapes, clothing, sandals, masks and other arts and crafts. Also, the city’s reputation as an art center sets it apart from most other Mexican beach resort cities.

Entrance to Plaza Puerto Paraíso from the Marina
Entrance to Plaza Puerto Para so from the Marina

Visitors have the unique opportunity to purchase pieces by some of Mexico’s best known contemporary painters and sculptors, as well as internationally renowned artists. And, for budget-conscious vacationers with a good eye.

More good buys include colorful handmade resort wear, the popular leather sandals and huaraches. There is also a good selection of quality colonial-style furniture and most stores ship purchases to the U.S.

There are some “plazas” in Los Cabos which offer internationally recognizable brand names. For example, Plaza Puerto Paraiso is right there by the Marina in the heart of Cabo San Lucas.

Another Plaza you can’t miss in the Marina area is Plaza Bonita, a great place to take a stroll on the western edge with bars, restaurants, cafés and shops with souvenirs, leather, jewelry and more.

Excellent shops are scattered throughout. Some are near the beach, some in major hotels and many are located on the main downtown shopping area along Lazaro Cardenas and Boulevard Marina Streets.


Talavera pottery is still made in the area using the same techniques employed by 16th Century Spanish potters. The Huichol Indians, native to the State of Nayarit, produce stunningly colorful pictures made from naturally colored Indian yarns and dramatic beaded painted masks that are loaded with native ritual symbolism.

You can also find pottery and tapestries from Oaxaca State (known world-wide for its “black” pottery). Colorful hammocks and intricate tin work from the State of Guerrero abound. Huaraches, traditional Mexican sandals made of leather strips and rubber tire soles can be found in most shops.

Plaza Artesanos

There are some groceries stores in Los Cabos, where you can get clothing and just about everything:

There are numerous “farmacias” (drugstores) around town, where you can buy everything from sun tan lotions to local herbal remedies. In addition, many prescription drugs can be bought over the counter in Mexico at prices much lower than in North America and Europe.

San Jose Shopping

A number of stores will ship your goods home for you. You are better to deal with “expert” shippers who are experienced with packing and processing customs information that will ensure that your purchases get where they’re going.

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Author: M. A. Gallardo