One of the most popular activities in Baja California Sur and  Cabo San Lucas is sport fishing.

Thanks to the beautiful climate and a large variety of natural settings that the state has to offer, the alternatives for taking part in this adventurous activity are immense.

Bisbees Los Cabos

To make it even better, the central locations for this sport, like  La PazLos Cabos and Loreto, have many different service providers who specialize in supplying rental equipment including boats. Fishermen can enjoy their time in a small, affordable boat, or fish in style aboard a yacht or cruiser.

As a result of its favorable geographic conditions, Baja California Sur possesses an extensive coastline with a great abundance of marine life. No matter what the season of the year, there is something for everyone; from amateurs to die-hards. Here, in the Sea of Cortez as well as in the Pacific Ocean, fishing has become an extraordinary sport due to the various exotic and coveted species that can be caught.

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In these waters, visitors can put their efforts and skills to the test fishing for the legendary blue marlinmahi mahi, swordfish, tunasea bass, mackerel, wahoo, and roosterfish, among a total of 850 different varieties of fish that live here.

Even more, the region looks to satisfy the needs of each of its visitors. It offers activities for newcomers looking to just enjoy the excitement of the sport as well as for the most experienced of fishermen who enjoy traditional large game fishing.

Among the many tournaments held in this region, Cabo San Lucas is the setting for the annual Sport Fishing Circuit competition.

Great catch

Organized by the Secretary of Tourism, the Bisbee Group and tourism service providers, the event draws more than 200 boats from different countries, mainly from the United States and Canada. Here, fishermen strive to bring in the largest blue or black marlin, tuna or mahi-mahi. As part of a preservation effort for the different species of marlin, organizers award significant prizes to those participants who throw back the largest number of marlin that would not be large enough to win the competition.

In the 1970s, when Cabo San Lucas was chosen for this competition, this area was only home to a small fishing village.

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Today, it is one of the most beautiful and luxurious destinations in Mexico and holds the title of the Marlin Capital of the World.

It offers a very significant tourism infrastructure including a wide range of services for its guests who year after year come for the coveted trophy. The area also hosts to the Bisbee’s Tournament in Buena Vista, near Cabo del Este.

It is easy to see from just this small amount of information that Baja California Sur offers a variety of alternatives for the sport fisherman, Of the places available, Cabo del Este and Cabo San Lucas is where fishing represents one of the main attractions with worldwide recognition.


Every year during the tournament, a fleet of hundreds of boats carry visitors out to sea in search of highly prized marine trophies. May and October are the best months for finding Mahi-mahi, roosterfish, marlin, swordfish and sailfish.

Here, where the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean come together, are the capes (Los Cabos). With their protected nature areas, they have easily become one of the sportfishing lover’s favorite destinations.

Bisbee's Marlin Tournament

Visited by national and international tourists in search of beautiful and golden beaches, La Paz also is a paradise that offers many alternatives for those who like to set sail toward the open sea in search of a beautiful sea specimen. For its part, Loreto offers rich biodiversity in the waters of the Sea of Cortez which bathes its beaches.

Author: M. A. Gallardo