Parasailing is a great complement to a day at the beach in Cabo San Lucas, one of the safest, most serene and tranquil experiences in Medano Beach. Feel like flying? This is a short cut.

All parasailing equipment and top-notch crew are provided, so you are in professional hands at all times. You may parasail in a bathing suit or fully clothed if that is what you feel more comfortable wearing.

Participants will depart the beach via small motor boat and transfer to the larger parasail boat which can carry 6-8 persons per outing. Each participant takes turns ‘flying’ approximately 8 minutes in the parasail.

Parasailing around the bay

Participants are harnessed while on the boat and are raised in the air by the parachute off the soft deck at the aft of the boat and likewise pulled back to the same deck at the end of their flight.


Hovering some 400 feet above sea-level, participants will enjoy spectacular views of Cabo San Lucas, the marina, the arch, the rugged coast and the surrounding desert hills.

From a parasailer’s perspective, nothing is more panoramic!

Author: M. A. Gallardo