Canopy in Cabo San Lucas

Canopy tour history  

20 years ago scientific worldwide began to analyze the flora of the forest searching for medicinal plants, they found that the greater amount of unknown species was in the high part of the trees, in the ceiling of the forest and is there where the name “canopy” was born, because that’s the name the scientists give to the ceiling of the forest, later on in order to be able to have access to the tip of the forest they mounted ropes from tree to tree to be able to ride across and to analyze the plants that they found.

For that reason in Costa Rica in rain Forest people began to practices it as a sport travelling from one point to another one, moving by a pulley and having the opportunity to enjoy the landscape, the flora and fauna. The high forest is where this new sport of adventure was developed.  Over the year’s canopy become very popular and start expanding to other countries just as a recreation sport.


Come live the most fun and intense experience Cabo San Lucas has to offer. Our MEGA ZIP LINE TOUR offers 10 of the fastest and highest zip lines in Mexico. Soar over a canyon oasis of palm trees, an arroyo and rugged desert beauty on zip-lines spanning up to half a mile in length. Up to three additional friends can zip with you at the same time.

Our tour is located over the Tule canyon, one of the treasures of the region. Distinguished by its views of desert, river and ocean, the canyon is an unforgettable desert oasis.

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