San José del Cabo
San Jos del Cabo, various views (click to enlarge)

San Jose del Cabo together with the neighboring city of Cabo San Lucasand the 20 mile long area that lies between them, called the Corridor, form the tourist destination known as Los Cabos.

List of San Jose's main attractions

San Jose del Cabo is the seat of the Los Cabos Municipality, it's located at the end of the Baja California peninsula. San José was founded in 1730 when the San José del Cabo Añutí Mission was established. Los Cabos received more than 1.2 million tourists in 2011 and in the 2010 census the city had a total population of 69,788 inhabitants.

If Cabo San Lucasis a lively cosmopolitan tourist destination, San José del Cabo is relaxed, peaceful and colonial, it's more what you have in mind when thinking of a typical Mexican town.

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The beautiful historical downtown area with pedestrian areas, the colonial design houses and buildings and the relaxed rhythm with which things occur in town.

Main Attractions:

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Plaza Mijares

Plaza Mijares

Plaza Mijares (Main Square)

A good place to start your tour is in the heart of San José del Cabo, at the charming main square, called Mijares Plaza, the tree-filled central square with its attractive bandstand and outdoor amphitheater where a variety of cultural events are staged. There is no fixed event calendar, but there is always something to enjoy, if not just an ice-cream while you relax on a bench.

This is also the center of all the action in San José del Cabo, on the west side is Iglesia San José (Saint Joseph Church) that stands over the place where the original mission was established. You'll find restaurants, art galleries, jewellery stores and shops along Zaragoza, Obregon, Hidalgo streets and Boulevard Mijares. On map.

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Misión San José del Cabo Añuití

Misi n San Jos del Cabo A uit

Misión San José del Cabo Añuití (Mission of San Jose del Cabo Church)

Established as a mission in 1730 by the Missions Inspector José de Echeverría and the priest Nicolás Tamaral, it owes it name to the Marquis of Villapuente, Don José de la Fuente and Peña, the town’s great benefactor.

In 1735, the mission was moved to the beach but in 1753 it was re-established at its original site. The mission experienced floods, epidemics and illnesses, including an attack from the Chilean navy, all of which it resisted until it was abandoned in 1840.

The beautiful San Jose Church was built in 1940 close to the place of the original misson, has a lovely mosaic located on the façade, at the main entrance, which narrates the killing of the missionary Tamaral by Pericúes living in the region. On map.

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City Hall, San José del Cabo

City Hall, San José del Cabo

City Hall

This beautiful colonial-style building was built in 1891 and although it has been remodeled since then, the façade incorporates parts of the original structure. In the XIX century it was the municipal council for San Jose, now it offers a number of government offices. On Map.

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Casa de la Cultura

Casa de la Cultura

Casa de la Cultura (Cultural House)

During the Mexican American war in the mid-1800's US Marines lived in what is now the Casa de la Cultura. Nowadays it is the place to go to enjoy theater, dance and musical workshops.  It has had a colorful history and you can learn more about it while visiting it. It's located on Calle Álvaro Obregón on the north side of the Plaza, you can't miss it with its colorful façade. On map.

Address: Álvaro Obregón s/n, San José del Cabo, BCS. 
Phone: (624)146-9836

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Estero San Jose

Estero San Jose

San José Estuary

This lovely oasis is Baja California Sur’s tropical bird sanctuary and has been designated as a Protected Natural Area. It is the habitat of 150 different species of birds; watching them is a sensational experience. The two birds that seem to be a ubiquitous presence here are frigate birds and brown pelicans, a constant reminder of the sanctuary’s proximity to the sea.

The estuary was originally called Bahía de San Bernabé in the XVI Century by Sebastian Vizcaino and was used as a safe harbor for trips between Acapulco and Manila. It is formed by the waters of San José river that flows from Sierra La Laguna. On map.

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Puerto Los Cabos

Puerto Los Cabos, various views (click to enlarge)

Puerto Los Cabos

Puerto Los Cabos is located 5 minutes from downtown San Jose del Cabo, it's a 2000 acre luxury real estate development that includes the second Marina in the area. It also offers art galleries a botanical desert garden called Wirikuta, there are also restaurants, cafés, shops and other things to do along the marina front. On mapWebsite.

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Cactimundo San Jose del Cabo

Cactimundo Botanical Garden

Cactimundo (currently closed)

(Currently closed, you can find a cactus garden at Puerto Los Cabos)
Cactimundo Botanical Garden is located in the heart of the San Jose del Cabo tourist zone. You can enjoy a unique tour enjoying the cacti of Los Cabos in this Botanical Garden. At Cactimundo, you will find cacti and succulent plants from all over the world as well as endangered species.

Located next to the FONATUR Golf Course in San Jose del Cabo on the Blvd. Antonio Mijares Street, only a few blocks from the main square. On mapWebsite.

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Shopping in San José del Cabo


If you are shopping for clothing, souvenirs, jewelry, traditional “brand” items as well as handcrafts, there is nothing better than a stroll along the beautiful Boulevard Mijares that leads to the city center.

Here you can shop and even do a bit of haggling.  Among the boutiques and shops you’ll pass, there are also restaurants, cafes and ice cream shops.

Plaza Artesanos from the street

Plaza Artesanos, San José del Cabo

On Boulevard Mijares there is also a new Plaza (Mall) called Plaza Artesanos that offers over 70 stores with 100% handmade handicrafts including jewelry, pottery and ceramics, souvenirs, talavera. There are also some convenience stores, free parking and public restrooms. It is open from 9AM to 6PM.

Plaza Artesanos inside the mall

Plaza Artesanos, San José del Cabo

Address: Boulevard Mijares between Valerio Gonzalez & Paseo de las Misiones, San José del Cabo. On mapFB Page.

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Art Walk

Art Walk & Art District

Art District & Art Walk

Don't forget to visit the Art District, there are dozens of artists showcasing their works in art galleries in a single location. See on map.

The Art Walk

Even if you are not "into" art, you'll enjoy a relaxed fun experience exploring the galleries in the old historic part of San José, you'll enjoy music and shows on the street too.

Every Thurday during high season, which is from November to May-June, some streets in town are closed for traffic and the art galleries open up longer hours into the night, you can walk from on to another, have a complimentary Tequila, wine or cocktail and learn a bit more about the works being exhibited and sold.

It's a general feel that if you are in San José del Cabo, Art Walkis a MUST.

Review a list of recommended Art Gallerieswhere most participate.

Tip: If you are planning to dine out in one of the restaurants of the area, make a reservation.

Author: M. A. Gallardo

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