In the heart of the Trinidad Sierra, on the road between the East Cape and Los Cabos, there are several charming villages and hamlets whose inhabitants are artisan-farmers who devote themselves to handcraft production and fruit farming.

Santiago de los Coras

A small town in Baja California Sur on Federal Highway #1 some 35 miles (56km) north of San Jose del Cabo. Almost exactly on the Tropic of Cancer. An attractive place to visit is the town zoo (the only one in BCS) and the museum containing enormous fossils.

Zoológico Santiago de los Coras
Santiago Zoo


  • Coordinates: 23° 28' 55" N  / 109 °43' 06" W
  • Population (2010 Census): 752 inhabitants
  • Elevation: 126m over the sea level

In the town of Santiago de los Coras you'll find the Mission of Santiago de Los Coras, founded in 1721.

Padre Napoli, who founded the Mission mistakenly believed that the people living south of La Paz were Coras as they were in his original settlement south of Santa Ana, they were actually Pericú. The lovely mission building has been rebuilt with several modifications to the original structure.

Santiago de los Cora Mission
Santiago de los Coras Mission

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San Bartolo

There is nothing better than a visit to San Bartolo to enjoy traditional guava, pitahaya and mango sweets, turnovers and fruit preserves.

San Bartolo
Traditional Sweets from San Bartolo


  • Population: 258 inhabitants
  • Elevation: 1180 feet over sea level
  • Part of La Paz Municipality
  • Coordinates: 23° 44' 17"N / 109° 50' 44"W

San Bartolo video in Spanish

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For shopping, make a stop at Miraflores, where you will find reasonably-priced, hand-made leather items.

Every July, the town holds the annual “Pitahaya” fair which draws regional craftspeople.

Feria de la Pitahaya
Reina de la Pitahaya

The main attraction of the fair is the chance to purchase a variety of items made from this fruit.

You'll find this small town approximately 26 miles (42 km) North of San Jose del Cabo and a mile and a quarter W Federal Highway #1.

Pitahayas, a cactus fruit


  • Population: 1389 inhabitants (2010 Census)
  • Elevation: 680 ft over sea level.
  • Part of the Los Cabos Municipality
  • Coordinates: 23° 22' 9" N / 109° 46' 40" W

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Documentary on Miraflores BCS in Spanish

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Author: M. A. Gallardo

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