Where Baja California’s peninsula ends, just where the land submerges into the sea, there are places that will fascinate you with their provincial tranquility, you’ll feel touched by the warm smiles of its people, entranced by all the different nautical adventures available. In San José del Cabo you'll see the peaceful and cultural side of Cabo and Mexico.

Sightseeing in San Jose del Cabo

Los Cabos is one of the five municipalities of the Baja California Sur state in Mexico. The seat is San Jose del Cabo, a place that maintains its quiet provincial demeanor.

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Sightseeing in San Jose del Cabo

San Jose del Cabo offers a small traditional and colorful town, a mile or so from downtown San José you'll get to the hotel zone, with fine accommodations a beautiful beach and the waters of the Sea of Cortez. So if you're tired of the action and restlessness of Cabo San Lucas, San José is the place to relax and chill out under a palm tree or in the sea.

San José Sunsets

Since 1928, the San José del Cabo fishing village is the county seat of Los Cabos, and since 1970, when tourism started to take off, a regular visit in the destination log of international travelers, not only thanks to the excellence of the bay - bastion of water sports - but for its quiet streets and picturesque hideouts, with no shortage of craftsmen, painters, musicians and other artists, including regular colorful fairs, events, festivals and festivities.

San Jose del Cabo is located 137 miles from La Paz, the state capital of Baja California Sur.

San Jose del Cabo

Plaza Mijares (Main Square)

This is San Jose's main square, also the heart of the town's activities, it's and open space, uncluttered, surrounded by restaurants, art stores and other fun spots to visit, this breezy quiet plaza with it's colonial style gazebo (kiosko) where bands sometimes play music, is shaded by old palm trees and offers easy access to the town parish, the San Jose Church, the art district to the north and west and the shops, art galleries and restaurants on Mijares Boulevard, a pretty tree lined street to the south of the main square.

Art District & Art Walk

You can't miss the Art District, there are dozens of artists showcasing their works in art galleries in a single location. See on map.

You don't need to be an art fan or collector to "get it", have fun strolling from gallery to gallery enjoying human creativity in the old historic part of the city.

Art Walk

Art Walk & Art District

Every Thurday during high season, which is from November to May-June, Art Walk is part of the best weekly happennings, some streets in the downtown area are closed out in the afternoon and the fun begins, music and theater on the streets, the galleries offer free drinks and snacks to their visitors and everything is set up so you can enjoy a memorable night out in the city, maybe even find a great deal or a piece of art that you just have to have.

Review a list of recommended Art Galleries where most participate.

Tip: If you are planning to dine out in one of the restaurants of the area, make a reservation.

Misión San José del Cabo Añuití (Mission of San Jose del Cabo Church)

Established as a mission in 1730 by the Missions Inspector José de Echeverría and the priest Nicolás Tamaral, it owes it name to the Marquis of Villapuente, Don José de la Fuente and Peña, the town’s great benefactor.

Misión San José del Cabo Añuití

Misión San José del Cabo Añuití

In 1735, the mission was moved to the beach but in 1753 it was re-established at its original site. The mission experienced floods, epidemics and illnesses, including an attack from the Chilean navy, all of which it resisted until it was abandoned in 1840.

The beautiful San Jose Church was built in 1940 close to the place of the original mission, has a lovely mosaic located on the façade, at the main entrance, which narrates the killing of the missionary Tamaral by Pericúes living in the region. On map.

San José del Cabo City Hall

Located in downtown San Jose del Cabo, on Calle Belisario Dominguez, this building has a simple but beautiful architecture dating back to 1891 and now houses the city hall government offices.

San Jose del Cabo City Hall

San José Estuary

The San José Estuary is a piece of green in the ochre desert,an oasis of lush vegetation and an obligatory stop for more than 200 species of migratory birds. This 50-hectare nature reserve is located at the mouth of the San Jose River on the edge of the Sea of Cortez and a few steps away from the San José Marina.

San Jose Estuary

The lush vegetation of the estuary seems like a miracle in the desert where rain falls only four or five days a year, usually during September, so the flora of San Jose has adapted and stores its water and make the best use of this scarce resource.

Before flowing into the Sea of Cortez, the San Jose river travels 30 miles. Upon reaching the ocean, high tides contribute to mix fresh and salt water, creating a nutrient-rich solution that falls to the bottom as sediments, this in turn favors the explosion of life present in the area.

Estero San Jose

In the upper estuary where the water is still fresh, there is a great variety of plants, but in the lower part where the water becomes salty, only flora that is salt resistant can grow. Also, fish and other aquatic species spend their larval or juvenile stages within this area enjoying the generous amount of food there where they develop explosively and reach their adult stage before returning to the ocean.

San José Estuary

Birds during their migration stopover in the area, bask and take advantage of the abundance of seeds, insects, larvae, small fruits and other food in the area to satisfy their hunger, replenish their energies and regain strength for their continued migration South or North depending on the season.

Puerto Los Cabos

Puerto Los Cabos is located 5 minutes from downtown San Jose del Cabo, it's a 2000 acre luxury real estate development that includes the second Marina in the area.

Puerto Los Cabos

Puerto Los Cabos right by San José del Cabo

It also offers art galleries a botanical desert garden called Wirikuta, there are also restaurants, cafés, shops and other things to do along the marina front. On mapWebsiteWebcam at the Marina.

Author: M. A. Gallardo

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